Karen Can Help You Find Balanced Energy & Health

Karen has been a bodyworker since 1976 and started her education in energy healing in 2002. She is Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Nutritional Counselor in Florida. Karen studied 8 of 8 levels of Esoteric Healing with two teachers, with the last 3 advanced levels being with Dr. Barbara Briner, DO from Michigan. She is a Reiki Master and studied Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection with Dr. Eric Pearl, the author of The Reconnection. Karen became a Bars/Access Consciousness practioner and facilitator of classes in 2012 and completed 6 of 6 levels, as well as the Advanced class of Seraphim Blueprint Healing in 2013. She has taken levels 1-4 teachers training with Ruth Rendeley, the author and channel for Seraphim Blueprint Healing. Karen now offers Bodywork, Energy Healing and classes in Bars/AccessConsciousness as well as classes in Seraphim Blueprint Healing in Naples and various locales in the US and Europe as well as with teleclasses and skype.

My Story

Karen Lutgen Beatty started her career in the holistic healing arts in 1976 by attending massage school. She later took many continuing education classes and became proficient in a plethora of modalties, including Deep Tissue/Myofascial massage, Neuromuscular Therapy...

My Services

Esoteric Healing
Reconnective Healing
Bars/Access Consciousness
Seraphim Blueprint Angel Healing and Classes

The History

Energy Healing for health and balance is the main menu of Karen’s services. Although an accomplished eclectic bodyworker, her main focus now is on providing relief of pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety,improved health and well being and much more with energy healing.

Healing Powers

There is an energy field that surrounds and permeates the bodies of all living beings. It is an active, invisible energy field that is commonly termed “the aura”.